Past Wellington College B team League players

The following 55 LMS players for Wellington College have played in the current or past seasons and are eligible for selection for the Wellington College B team in the :

PlayerClubGradingsGames during season
Wafi AbdullarWellington Colleges?r?
Dominic R AllenrWellington Colleges?r?
Ivan BovykinWellington Colleges?r?
Christopher FraserWellington Colleges?r?
Alexander HersovrWellington Colleges?r?
Yi Jia HuangWellington Colleges?r?
E JamesrWellington Colleges?r?
Boris KhalimovskyrWellington Colleges?r?
James Kinsler-LubienskirWellington Colleges?r?
James LirWellington Colleges?r?
Danyul OmarrWellington Colleges?r?
Anirudh SangwanrWellington Colleges?r?
Tobias Telfer-SmollettrWellington Colleges?r?
James ThornerWellington Colleges?r?