Past Guildford D team League players

The following 113 LMS players for Guildford have played in the current or past seasons and are eligible for selection for the Guildford D team in the :

PlayerClubGradingsGames during season
Matthew N AndertonGuildfords?r?
Philip ArmourGuildfords?r?
Len BlackGuildfords?r?
Toby ByfieldrGuildfords?r?
Jack DesboroughGuildfords?r?
Bernhard DonnerGuildfords?r?
Daniel GlucksteinGuildfords?r?
Luke HillrGuildfords?r?
Martin HillrGuildfords?r?
Danny HuntrGuildfords?r?
Tserenbat LozvoiGuildfords?r?
Jan M MackinnonrGuildfords?r?
Charles WD MarshGuildfords?r?
Russell MildonrGuildfords?r150, F
Alan D NortonrGuildfords?r64, F
Christophe RosetGuildfords?r?
Dmitri SavinrGuildfords?r?
Kristian SheglovarGuildfords?r?
Andrew M SmailesrGuildfords?r109, D
Doug SmailesGuildfords?r?
Brian WaterfieldGuildfords?r?
Clive WismayerGuildfords?r?
Veronika ZelykGuildfords?r37, F